Guarantee Page

Your satisfaction is our Number One priority.

We want to make you happy! If our products or services ever fall short of your expectations, you have our guarantee we will work with you to make things right.

How do we make things right?

First and foremost, by preventing problems before they ever happen.

  • We listen carefully when you tell us what you want.
  • We work with you to create a product that meets your needs.
  • We guide you through the process. We show you how final screen printing, heat transfer and embroidery projects differ in their look from the high-resolution images with which we typically start.
  • We create a visual proof for your written approval.
  • We wait until you give us your approval before we begin production.
  • We become a team, working together, so the product you receive will be the product you expect and approved.

And if we still do not meet your expectations?

You will receive a free replacement, future discount, or appropriate refund.

We will promote your story.  

Our social media platforms are an extension for you.  Our tagline "a story behind every product" says everything about who we are.  We know that you seek to reflect who you are through your apparel and promotional products – it is one of the ways you connect with your clients.  Tell us your story and we will go beyond providing you with great products, we will positively promote your story as well.

We invite you to follow and be part of our story.

Want to learn more about our story and how we help fight global poverty by helping African entrepreneurs succeed?  We think you will be inspired to know how your story works to create opportunities for others. Click here to read more or write a page inside the website . . . .



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